Pattern Giveaway | No Limits…

You read that right!

Every comment made on this blog post from 11-14 March was counted, and the total number of comments made was 308! However, I like to round up a bit, so I’m giving away 400 fee patterns today!

The coupon code is valid for 1 use per ravelry member, and will expire after 400 uses. Enjoy!

Click here to see all my designs on ravelry now!

Tell me what you think!


327 thoughts on “Pattern Giveaway | No Limits…

  1. Sumi says:

    Oh my goodness. Thank you for your generosity! You have so many amazing patterns, but I’ve had my eye on your new Heart & Sole set since you released it.

  2. Bell E's Baubles says:

    I love your designs. I wish my mind were as creative as yours but its not. I will probably miss out on this free pattern because I just am not fast enough. That is cool though because my cart is full and awaiting the approval of my spouse to use my 50% off coupon so many pretty designs so little time to hook.

  3. Chefdionne says:

    Wow! Awesome idea for a giveaway!! I am always trying to come up with quick giveaway games and ideas for my lil fb group (I’m not a designer but I have a small group on FB that’s crochet/knit related that I help admin). Anyway, I love your designs. I make your Pink (mini) Slouch all the time. I think I own one in every color. Lol.

  4. Rosie C says:

    I have three patterns in my cart right now waiting to come home… Bend Market Tote, Heart & Sole Set and the Market Tote Set, so definitely one of those. I probably own all of your patterns at this point. 🙂

  5. Dulcy says:

    I have many of your patterns as Favorites and in my queue/wish list, but I would really have to get the Boat Neck Betty! It would be the perfect way to celebrate my weight loss by making myself something for a change

  6. Jeanne says:

    I would choose the heart and sole hat, gloves and boot cuffs. It would be nice to have a matching set for myself.

  7. Lori Swaim says:

    Love all your patterns…I can’t pick just one now, but after careful consideration I’m certain I xan narrow it down. Kep up the beautiful work!

  8. Teresa Fredson says:

    You are a very generous person. I just love all of your patterns. I especially like the Lexi Cowl and Hat pattern I got. I made a few for family during Christmas. Thank you .

  9. Veronique says:

    I have so many of your patterns already, But I’m still missing the heart and sole hat and gloves and boot cuffs!

  10. Holly Williams says:

    Oh, gosh! This is so awesome of you. I think I already have most of your patterns…lol…but I’d choose the Leg Warmers…it’s one of the few I don’t have 😉

  11. Cheryl says:

    I would get the Mossy Device Cover. But I really like the fingerless gloves in the picture at the top of the page but did not see it on your raverly page. Your patterns are beautiful.

  12. Donna Onorato says:

    Great designs! There are about 5 that I had to look further at … but I think I would get the I love this newsboy cap! Thank you for the great idea and giveaway!

  13. Cindy Collins says:

    I am fairly new to crotchet I own a daycare and this is my way to relax and unwind I’ve gone from having high blood pressure to almost normal your patterns are very pretty and will have a very hard time picking the one 🙂 ty for sharing this post happy crocheting

  14. Diana M says:

    Hard choice as you have so many great patterns, but it would either be the Side Tab Mini Slouch or the Heart and Sole Hat. Both look like great hats! Thanks!

  15. Lisa Westberg says:

    You have great textures to your pattern! What a generous giveaway! Thank you. I would love to pick your brain sometime on how you write and publish patterns.

  16. Cherie says:

    You have some super cute patterns.. will be a tough decision to choose only one.. 😉 Thanks for being willing to share a free pattern…

  17. Melanie Griffin says:

    i love the fingerless gloves on this page but don’t see a pattern so I would take the Homestead Cowl. Thanks!!

  18. Dena says:

    I was going to say the Side Tab Mini Slouch was my favorite until I saw the new pattern in the upper right corner where the picture posted in the green earthy colors and it was love at 1st sight. What a beautiful hat and pattern!!

  19. Erica says:

    what a kind and generous gesture your offering in your giveaway. I love all the patterns but narrowed it down to a toss-up between the mermaid taile or the favourite hat and blankie pattern thanks so much 🙂

  20. Terry Kessler Doherty says:

    this is so sweet of you 🙂 I love the snail hat and body cover set baby photo prop and the midsummer wrap

  21. Alison Routley says:

    You have so many beautiful designs, but I’d choose the Midsummer Wrap. I love the stitch and it is versatile as well as beautiful. Great idea and thank you!

  22. Vivian says:

    lovely designs <3 Just picking ONE is difficult!! my heart, mind and eyes are boggled and torn between the "Vivian Blanket"… and any of the "sun hats". I have a request for a sun hat at the moment, so I'm leaning towards a sun hat that would be good/adaptable for any age.

  23. Maxine says:

    Beautiful patterns. Love all the children’s patterns. Almost makes me wish I was young again with my kids all small again. If I wasn’t busy enough with them. LOL I liked the button cowl the best. Something to make for my daughter to use as an ear warmer as she jogs outdoors during her lunch hour. Thank you.

  24. Katerina Zourkova says:

    I love and have most of your patterns! The one I would like to give a try now is The Boat Neck Betty Tee in adult’s sizes!

  25. Susan says:

    I would pick the Vivian blanket pattern as I love the look of the blanket that is finished, and I constantly look for new stitches and I have never seen this texture. 😀

  26. AnnaMarie Weyandt says:

    There are so many lovely patterns, but if I had to pick…i think Jonna’s jumper, the super slouchy beanie or the mermaid tail would be my pick!! They are all so amazing!! Than you so much for this!!

  27. Danielle R says:

    I love them all but I think my favorite is the Boat Neck Betty top. I’ve never made a top for myself and that one looks like a perfect piece for the upcoming spring!

  28. Felicia M says:

    Oh my. I would have to look and see what I don’t already have. I love your patterns and already own several.

  29. Jessica D says:

    This is such a great idea! Thank you so much! I would love to either have the Lexi Paige Hat or Heart & Sole Hat if I won

  30. Sarah Graber says:

    Oh dear. I’m very indecisive and all your patterns are so lovely. I’ll probably need till the 15th to make up mu mind!

  31. Yuri Gonzalez says:

    I WILL LOVE …MIX AND MATCH COWL….Mix and Match Cowl (Favorite, Katherine, Cluster)

  32. G Morgan says:

    All of your patterns give me inspiration! Heart and Sole is nice and I am liking the capelets, too. It will be hard to choose just one ;-P

  33. Cinthya Waters says:

    I have quite a few of your amazing patterns but I still need the Katherine hat pattern and the stocking pattern.

  34. Amira Rain says:

    Wow amazing and so nice of you. I love so many of your designs it is hard to say which is my favorite!! Can’t wait til March 15th…and that’s my birthday…Happy Birthday to me 🙂

  35. Steff says:

    you make such pretty things, I feel like a stalker when it comes to your store lol!!!! what a great idea for a giveaway 🙂

  36. Michele McClellan says:

    I think I would finally get the Homestead Cowl. I have so many of your patterns. You’ve become a favorite.

  37. elainebitt says:

    I’d get either the Favorite (MINI) Slouch Hat or the Homestead Cowl. Not easy to pick, so many wonderful patterns!

  38. Nanette Warr says:

    I thought I commented on this earlier – but I don’t see it. Oh well – I’ll do it again 🙂 I would love to have any of your beautiful patterns 🙂

  39. Christy Domanski says:

    i would have to go with the Tenacious Tee (adult) or the Baby Loafers. Both are so cute. Love your patterns!

    • Lisa W says:

      I’m so excited. When will will we see the code pop up? I’ve been looking this morning and haven’t seen anything yet.
      Thank you!

  40. Anna Westbrook Mursin says:

    LOVE Pistachio Poncho (Adult 42″, 45″, 48″, 51″, 54″) – Thanks for the PLUS size! 🙂

  41. Anna Westbrook Mursin says:

    Boat Neck Betty Tee (Adult Pattern Pack, 34.5″ bust to 49.5″ bust) – love it just wish it were plus size…pout! 🙂

  42. Anna Westbrook Mursin says:

    Tenacious Tee (Bust size: 34.5″, 37″, 39.5″, 42″, 44.5″, 47″) – wish you had plus size. 🙁

  43. Anna Westbrook Mursin says:

    Jonna’s Jumper (6m, 12m, 18m, 2T, 3T, 4T) – cute as a button (never really understood that phrase) 😉

  44. Monica says:

    I don’t know if I’ve commented already! I have so many of your patterns I’d have to check which ones…but I LOVE all the slouchy hats! they are fun, stylish and simple to make! (and I don’t like “tight” hats so they are perfect for me!!!)

  45. robin lloyd says:

    I love love love the Midsummer wrap. That’s what I would choose 🙂 you are very generous to do this.

  46. Stephanie Bedell says:

    I’m still deciding. My choices are Mesh slouch hat, Lexie Paige hat, Tenacious tee or pistachio poncho.

  47. Gerianne Neneman says:

    I am glad I have some time to make a decision because I have found 3 that I absolutely can’t live without. Your patterns are wonderful. Thanks

  48. Karen Pollard says:

    I love giveaways…and free patterns….making gifts for less fortunate…donating to good causes….making as gifts….a small income at times….I do take orders for items of others who can not crochet. I have thought about teaching this dying hobby to those who want to learn. Hope have a great day, and thanks for sharing.

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